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We have some fabric options below that are always available. However, if you have a special request we will do our best to find the right match for you.

1 White Brocade
2 White San Satiro Cardenal brocade
3 While & Gold brocade
4 Gold
5 Purple Brocade
6 Purple San Satiro Cardenal brocade
7 Purple & Gold Brocade
8 Green San Satiro Cardenal Brocade
9 Red & Gold Brocade
10 Red San Satiro Cardenal Brocade
11 Black & Gold Geometric Brocade
12 Black Valencian Rose Brocade

What colour should I order?

It depends on the occasion, here are some examples.


Ordination, Christmas, Easter, Trinity Sunday, Weddings, Baptisms, Funerals (Roman Catholic)


Lent, Advent, Funerals, Confessions


Ordinations, Feasts, Holy Spirit, St Martirs, Holy Week


Used every day


Funerals (Church of England)